Preggo Packages (Pregnant)

Small (Brazil + Lower legs)725 kr
Medium (Brazil + Lower legs + Axil)850 kr
Large (Brazil + Full legs + Axil)1095 kr

Info about Preggo packages

Preggo is for you who are pregnant. As the belly gets bigger and everything gets harder to do, Waxed has developed the popular Preggo packages. The packages are tailored for pregnant women, so that during your sweet waiting time you don't have to worry if you have reached everything and are in some slightly unfortunate situations with the scraper. In Preggo packages, extra time is set aside, as it is not possible for you to lay on your stomach.

It doesn't have to be difficult to look well-groomed and delicious even if your stomach fills up nicely. You just choose the one that suits you best. If you have any questions about the treatments, feel free to call: 26 37 37 58.

With Lycon wax, you can feel completely safe throughout your pregnancy.

Natural Birthing Company

The products from Natural Birthing Company are developed by midwives for the unique needs of mothers-to-be throughout pregnancy and birth. Natural Birthing Company was created to help you recover from the challenges you may encounter during your pregnancy and create a calm time for you as a new mother. The products have been developed for your pregnancy and the time as a new mother - a special time when your body changes and the mind has to get used to a new reality. Although inconvenience and discomfort in connection with pregnancy, birth and the first period are quite common, they can be remedied with the help of the products. All products are made from naturally occurring ingredients and approved by Vegan Society. Based on the midwives' experience and nature's best ingredients, Natural Birthing Company has been developed in collaboration with aromatherapists and chemists to offer the best quality products and a holistic experience for both skin, body and mind. Natural Birthing Company offers the best for pregnancy, mother and child.

Products from Natural Birthing Company are sold in the clinic.