Intimate waxing (Women)

Brazil 1. time550 kr
Brazil (after 4 weeks)495 kr
Brazil (within 4 weeks)450 kr
Brazil + Lower legs725 kr
Brazil + Full legs925 kr
Tanga295 kr
Tanga + Between buttocks450 kr
Tanga + Lower legs525 kr
Tanga + Full legs725 kr
Bikini195 kr
Bikini + Between buttocks350 kr
Bikini + Lower legs450 kr
Bikini + Full legs650 kr

Information about Intimate waxing

You will be welcomed in cozy and intimate rooms, we will talk about your treatment after which you will have peace and quiet to undress.
The couch is made ready for your treatment, there will be a large towel you can put around you.
When you are ready and lying comfortable on the couch, I will return and I will guide you through the treatment from start to finish. There will be plenty of time for questions and talk about possible after-treatment. Everything takes place at a very leisurely pace.

The first time you are treated with wax, you are usually embarrassed and may feel that it is a bit uncomfortable to lie half-naked.
For me, it is only natural that I perform these treatments many times a week and I have been working and specializing in tailor-made wax treatments since 2013.
Intimate wax are the most popular wax treatment of all.

The first time the hair is torn out with the root can be felt, but pain is very individual.
For some it does not feel as bad as they had imagined and others think it pinches a little.
But the first and second time can never be compared, the second time the hairs are significantly reduced, they will be perfectly fine and soft and therefore it will not feel the same way at all.