Brows and Lashes

Brow wax175 kr
Brow colouring160 kr
Colouring + waxing of brows265 kr
Colouring of lashes160 kr
Colouring of brows and lashes + waxing of brows375 kr
Vegansk lash lift inkl. farve550 kr
Vegansk brow lift inkl. farve + Retning af bryn550 kr
Vegansk lash & brow lift inkl. farve + Retning af bryn995 kr

Vegan & organic lash & brow lift

Vegan lash lift

Eyelash Extensions can be a fabulous solution for some, where Lash Lift is for you who prefer a more natural way to make your lashes look longer. Lash Lift gives more volume and a beautiful lift. Your natural lashes will be beautifully curved, so the lash curler can be thrown away forever.

A Lash lift can be durable for up to 8 weeks, but it is recommended to renew it approx. every 5 weeks for optimal results, as new lashes are constantly growing, which have not been treated, and 'old' lashes are shed daily.

A Vegan Brow Lift lasts approx. as long as a Vegan Lash Lift.

About the treatment:
Remove contact lenses before treatment, come without eye makeup. You have your eyes closed during the treatment. First, the eye area and lashes are cleaned with a specially developed Lash & Brow Shampoo. You will then have a moisturizing eye mask applied, which isolates the lower lashes from the upper ones. Your lashes are then given a strengthening vegan pre-treatment with Biotin (B-Vitamin). Soft silicone molds are then applied to your eyelids. Your lashes are then carefully lifted up and fixed with a water-based glue on the form. Then the lashes first get a vegan and organic lifting lotion for about 10-15 minutes. Then a vegan Setting lotion for 6-7 minutes. The upper lashes can then be colored. Finally, the lashes receive the Aspire by Lash Bar Booster, which is an intense restorative protein regimen. You can wet your lashes immediately after the treatment - no more waiting 24 hours.

Vegan brow lift

Is a lift of the brow hairs. Here you can get brow hairs that grow in several directions, bristles or that are downwards, in a more uniform and upward direction. The 'brushed up brows' look is a super popular look right now. A regenerating brow treatment, which makes the brow appear fuller, using biotin, as well as our nutrient-filled booster. Vegan and organic Brow Lift is the only one of its kind that takes care of each individual brow hair in depth and rebuilds it from the inside. A Brow Lift also makes it much easier to style the brows and apply your favorite make-up, and many people can completely do without brow gel afterwards.

Some hair structures may have a hard time receiving chemical treatment and therefore some will not always experience an optimal lift. This applies regardless of which system is used. Unfortunately, this is not something you can predict. If you experience this, however, with the Aspire Lift system, you can try to give it another try right away, but there is no guarantee that the lashes/brows will accept the treatment.
Unfortunately, we do not refund the amount for a lift that has not been effective.

If you are in doubt, you can book an allergy test. It takes approx. 15 min, and you must then wait 24 hours for any mild reaction.