Wax Treatments: Men

Brow wax175 kr
Ears150 kr
Nose150 kr
Axil (Arm pits)175 kr
Chest + Stomach495 kr
Back + Shoulders495 kr
Chest + Stomach + Back + Shoulders895 kr
Neck + Shoulders225 kr
Lower back225 kr
Full legs550 kr
Buttocks250 kr
Between buttocks250 kr
Buttocks + Between buttocks450 kr

Hair removal is for everyone!

Many men suffer from unwanted hair growth, and both the nose, eyebrows and ears can often be the biggest challenge. There is therefore a completely special wax that is used for masculine hair removal. The benefits of waxing: The skin is left silky soft and smooth, and has a long-lasting result. The hairs are removed at the root, so that when the hairs grow back at some point, they will be perfectly fine and soft, and not "stingy" as we know it from shaving. You achieve a professional result every time, and don't have to think about whether you've got it all.