Wax Treatments: Women

Face325 kr
Face + Brows425 kr
Face + Brows + Nose495 kr
Upper lip150 kr
Chin150 kr
Upper lip + Chin225 kr
Nose150 kr
Axil (Arm pits)175 kr
Full arms + Hands325 kr
Lower back195 kr
Buttocks195 kr
Between buttocks195 kr
Buttocks + Between buttocks 350 kr
Lower legs295 kr
Thighs295 kr
Back of thighs195 kr
Full legs550 kr
Full Body1995 kr

Frequently asked questions

Does it hurt to be waxed?
The first time you get waxed, it can be a little uncomfortable as it is the very first time the hairs are pulled out by the root, but the very next time the experience will be completely different as the hairs that have grown out will be perfectly fine and soft and significantly reduced. Pain is very individual, but I find most people expected it to be worse than it actually was.

What are the benefits of being waxed?
Many people experience that when they shave, the skin becomes irritated and red bumps appear. When the hair comes back approx. 24 hours later they also start to itch, so the feeling of being hairless doesn't last long and your skin is also irritated. When you get waxed, you are hair-free for 3-4 weeks, the few hairs that come back will be fine and soft. Your skin will appear perfectly fine and smooth without irritation and red bumps. In addition, it does not itch when they grow back. So rather wax once a month than shave once a day.

Am I at risk of getting more hair if I start waxing?
NO! In all its simplicity. You will never be able to grow more hair from waxing. It will always be the other way around, that the hairs are reduced more and more each time.

If you have questions for the treatments, you are always welcome to call: 26 37 37 58 or send an email to: camilla@waxed.dk