Treatments and Pricing

If you have questions about the treatments, I am always ready to advise and guide you.
You can contact me on tel: +45 26 37 37 58 or write an email to

If you are a student you always get a 15% discount on all treatments by showing your student card.

Brows and Lashes

Brow wax175 kr
Brow colouring160 kr
Colouring + waxing of brows265 kr
Colouring of lashes160 kr
Colouring of brows and lashes + waxing of brows375 kr

Intimate waxing (Women)

Brazil 1. time550 kr
Brazil (after 4 weeks)495 kr
Brazil (within 4 weeks)450 kr
Brazil + Lower legs725 kr
Brazil + Full legs925 kr
Tanga295 kr
Tanga + Between buttocks450 kr
Tanga + Lower legs525 kr
Tanga + Full legs725 kr
Bikini195 kr
Bikini + Between buttocks350 kr
Bikini + Lower legs450 kr
Bikini + Full legs650 kr

Wax Treatments: Women

Face325 kr
Face + Brows425 kr
Face + Brows + Nose495 kr
Upper lip150 kr
Chin150 kr
Upper lip + Chin225 kr
Nose150 kr
Axil (Arm pits)175 kr
Full arms + Hands325 kr
Lower back195 kr
Buttocks195 kr
Between buttocks195 kr
Buttocks + Between buttocks 350 kr
Lower legs295 kr
Thighs295 kr
Back of thighs195 kr
Full legs550 kr
Full Body1995 kr

Preggo Packages (Pregnant)

Small (Brazil + Lower legs)725 kr
Medium (Brazil + Lower legs + Axil)850 kr
Large (Brazil + Full legs + Axil)1095 kr

Wax Treatments: Men

Brow wax175 kr
Ears150 kr
Nose150 kr
Axil (Arm pits)175 kr
Chest + Stomach495 kr
Back + Shoulders495 kr
Chest + Stomach + Back + Shoulders895 kr
Neck + Shoulders225 kr
Lower back225 kr
Full legs550 kr